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Unbearable Breast Pain Before Period

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Causes Of Breast Pain Before Menstruation

Why Your Boobs Hurt Before Your Period

The two hormones responsible for menstruation are estrogen and progesterone. When there is an imbalance in these two hormones many changes are seen in womens cycle and breast pain before period is one of them.

If we take the regular cycle to be of 28 days, progesterone level increases around 21st day.

The risk increase more if the woman is fat, if she is having family history of breast pain before period, and if she is drinking more caffeine containing products such as colas.

Ways To Manage Premenstrual Breast Pain

Chioma Ndubisi, MD, is a board-certified OB/GYN who specializes in sexual and reproductive health in New York, New York.

Do your breasts swell and become painful every month before your period?

As easy as it is to jump to conclusions and fear the worst, try not to panic. You may have a rather common condition known as cyclic mastalgia. Cyclic means it comes and goes in a predictable way mastalgia is simply another way of saying breast pain.

This article explains the two types of mastalgia: cyclic and noncyclic. It also suggests natural and medical approaches to deal with it.

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What Causes Breast Swelling And Tenderness

A week or so before your period arrives, your body begins producing lots of estrogen and progesterone. Those hormones are what cause these symptoms. During this time, your body retains more water, which is what causes you to become bloated. Rings, shoes, or pants may feel tight because your body swells with extra water, which also makes your breasts swell. All that fluid forces your breast tissue to expand, stretching the nerves and causing that painful, achy feeling.

Soon after you get your period, the soreness should disappear. If the pain is really bad, you can take an OTC pain reliever such as ibuprofen. Wearing a more supportive bra, like a sports bra, will prevent your breasts from moving too much, which can also reduce tenderness. Cutting down on salty foods can also offer relief since eating excessive amounts of salt will make you retain even more water.

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If You Experience Pain Along With Any Of The Following Symptoms You Should Contact Your Physician

  • Bloody or clear discharge from your nipple
  • A new lump with the onset of the pain lump does not go away after your menstrual period
  • Persistent, unexplained breast pain
  • Signs of a breast infection, including local redness, pus, or fever
  • Redness of the skin of the breast that may appear as a rash, with dilated pores, and possibly skin thickening.

Medically Reviewed on April 15, 2020

Cure 3 Essential Oils

11 Important Menstrual Hygiene Tips Everyone Should Know For A Better ...
  • Add eight drops of peppermint oil in one ounce of water
  • Mix well and store the peppermint water in the refrigerator
  • Now soak the cotton cloth in the cool peppermint water
  • Apply the essential oil in water on the breasts and nipples
  • You can mix the essential oil with a carrier oil and apply it on the sored skin
  • Do this until you get rid of swelling and sore breasts

Benefits of Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint essential oil gets packed with potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which acts wondrously beneficial on how to reduce breast pain before period. This remedy can also function effectively on breast pain a week before period and intense breast pain before period.


Always make sure that you mix essential oils with a carrier oil because direct contact with the skin can cause irritation and itching sensation. It will help to reduce sore nipples, alleviate symptoms, and gives you immense relief.

  • Take a clean cotton towel, a bowl of warm water, and ice cubes
  • Dip it in warm water and wring out the excess water
  • Place the sheet on your breasts and repeat doing it
  • You can also put some ice cubes on the towel and place it on the breasts
  • Do it 3-4 times a day for best results

Benefits of hot and cold compress:


Make sure that the water is warm enough and not hot enough to burn yourself.

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Is It Normal To Have Bad Cramps During Your Period

It’s easy to believe that really painful periods are the norm. Menstrual discomfort is not commonplace, especially among young women. During their periods, almost half of all menstruators have pelvic achiness. 1st That being said, really painful menstrual cramps are not typical. If they are happening to you, then tell your doctor immediately so that he/she can help you figure out what’s causing them.

Menstruation is the shedding of the uterine lining after pregnancy. It is important for women’s health that this process occurs regularly every month. A woman’s body will always try to keep the endometrial lining thin enough to be removed by blood flow and sloughing off at its usual time each month. Too much tissue buildup in the uterus may lead to abnormal bleeding or even endanger the life of the baby if it is still present.

During a woman’s monthly cycle, the hormones estrogen and progesterone cause the uterine muscles to contract and relax repeatedly, which results in regular muscle spasms around the cervix and lower abdomen. This is why most women experience cramping during their periods-the muscles of the uterus are contracting rapidly over and over again.

The pain usually starts about two days before the start of menstruation and goes away four days later. It can affect the entire body, but mainly focuses on the pelvis and lower abdomen.

Take Evening Primrose Oil

Once again, studies are inconclusive on this subject however, some women do report a reduction in breast tenderness when they try this food supplement. Experts do not know the exact reason why evening primrose oil works, but they suspect that it replaces linoleic acid, which can make the breasts less sensitive to hormonal changes.

I take primrose oil each night before bed, but I don’t know if it helps or not. Some months I am really sore, and some months I sail through my period.

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Treatments For Breast Pain And Sore Nipples Before A Period

Most premenstrual breast pain can be treated just fine with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that you can buy in any supermarket or pharmacy. The most common one youll probably find is ibuprofen, which is also fantastic for relieving other period and PMS symptoms.You might also find that going on hormonal birth control, including the oral contraceptive pill, helps to reduce your symptoms and any discomfort youre having before your period starts.If your pain is above mild, or if youve found that the methods above just arent working for you, you may want to think about having a talk with your doctor. They may be able to recommend a stronger medication that will suit your needs better. If youre undergoing hormone replacement therapy , they may also talk to you about lowering the dosage if its causing you pain.

What Are The Treatments For Cyclical Breast Pain

Causes of missed periods and breast tenderness – Dr. Teena S Thomas

Treatment for cyclical breast pain will depend on your symptoms, age, and general health. It will also depend on how severe the condition is.

Treatments vary greatly and may include the following:

  • Not having caffeine

  • Thyroid hormones

  • Tamoxifen, an estrogen blocker

Supplemental hormones and hormone blockers may have side effects. In addition, the risks and benefits of such treatment should be carefully discussed with your healthcare provider.

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Stays Tuned To Your Body

When it comes to menstrual pain, there is no single solution. The key is to listen to you, to observe your body and its changes and to accompany it with gentleness and kindness!

To understand what helps you relieve your sore breasts, try methods that speak to you and take notes regularly about the evolution of symptoms. This will allow you to better know what you need, when and how.

Over time, you get to know yourself better, love yourself better, and live a harmonious and fulfilling menstrual cycle! â¤ï¸

Treatment For Breast Pain During Premenstrual

The question may arise in your mind, How do I relieve sore breasts? No treatment may be needed if the symptoms are mild. Many women are reassured by knowing that cyclical breast pain is not a symptom of cancer or a serious breast disease.

The problem may settle by itself within 3-6 months. However, in up to 6 in 10 women where the pain has subsided, it develops again within a few years time. So, in other words, cyclical breast pain may come and go over the years. If the pain is more severe, or for the times when it may flare up worse than usual, treatment options include the following:

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Different Links Between Breast Pain And Menstruation

To find out how to relieve painful breasts at the time of menstruation, let’s start by looking at their potential sources.

Although the exact causes of breast pain are not yet known before menstruation, they may be related to, among other things:

  • Hormonal disorder: characterized by a high level of progesterone that makes the breast tissue swell
  • Diet: the consumption of processed foods, too salty, too sweet, containing bad fats, or stimulants can affect the rate of inflammation or water retention in the body, which can cause pain
  • Water retention: the body tends to swell when menstruation arrives and contain a larger amount of water, which can also inflate the breasts
  • Inflammation: it is no secret that a rate of inflammation plays a role on premenstrual pain and during the bleeding period, and can be manifested by breast pain
  • Stress: as we have seen, stress and menstruation do not mix well. A high rate of stress or a rhythm that is too active for the body can contribute to PMS in general, and therefore to breast pain.

Which Nutritional Deficiency Can Cause Breast Pain

Diagram Of Female Chest Area : The Breasts Canadian Cancer Society

The number one nutritional deficiency causing cyclical breast pain isiodine deficiency.

Iodine is an under-rated nutrient when it comes to your breast health. We mostly think of iodine as being crucial for thyroid function, but it has important roles in keeping our ovaries, uterus, brain and detoxification systems healthy as well.

Second to your thyroid, your ovaries and breast tissue store higher amounts of iodine than anywhere else in the body. This explains why iodine requirements are higher for women than men.

Our ovaries rely on iodine for smooth, regular ovulation and sufficient iodine levels helps to prevent ovulation pain and ovarian cysts.

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Breast Pain Due To Medication:

Medication side-effects include sore breasts during periods or after a period. Certain medications like Fluoxetine antidepressants have been found to have a direct relation with Breast Ecchymosis -a disease that can cause severe breast pain.

Other medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and contraceptive pills can also lead to breast pain.

Apart from that, hormone replacement therapy can set off cyclic breast pain.

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What Is The Cause Of Premenstrual Breast Pain

Premenstrual breast pain can occur up to 10 days before your period begins in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. During this time, your hormones are on a rollercoaster ride progesterone and oestrogen increasing all over the place. The change in these hormone levels can affect soreness and cause swollen glands, which can also contribute to sore boobs.

Your water retention capacity is high during PMS too, which can increase the size of your breasts and make your bra feel tighter.

Everyone experiences PMS differently, but premenstrual breast pain can feel achy or tender.

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Take Vitamins E B6 And Magnesium

Although studies regarding the use of these products are inconclusive, many women have found relief by adding these vitamins to their diet.

  • It is recommended by some naturalists to take 600 IU per day of vitamin E, 50 mg per day of vitamin B6, and 300 mg per day of magnesium.

Personally, I find that if I take these supplements, I feel much better and have less pain in my breasts before my period. I keep these vitamins in my desk and try to take them daily.

What Are Other Possible Causes Of Breast Pain

What Can Cause Breast Pain?

There are several other reasons why you may be part of the part of sore-boobs circle, and they have nothing to do with your period or fluctuating hormones:

If youve hurt yourself or had recent surgery, soreness and tenderness can be expected and may last anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

You may also mistake breast pain with pain stemming from the chest wall, which is the area of muscle, tissue, and bone that surrounds and protects your heart and lungs. A pulled muscle in the chest, inflammation around the ribs, a bone fracture, or getting hit in the chest can all cause pain that feels like its coming from your breast, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Surprisingly, there are quite a few medications that can leave your breasts feeling sore or tender, including certain antidepressants, blood pressure meds, and some antibiotics, per the Mayo Clinic. Talk with your doctor about any medications youre taking that could potentially be causing breast soreness or pain as a side effect. They may be able to reconsider your dosage or recommend a similar medication to see if it works better for you.

Besides being super uncomfortable, which should be reason enough to ditch it, a poor-fitting bra doesnt provide proper support, particularly for people with larger breasts 2. Wearing a too-small or uncomfortable bra can cause everything from breast pain to skin irritation, according to Tufts Medical Center.

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Support Your Breasts To Reduce Breast Pain

Wear a well-supporting bra when you have pain. It may be worthwhile having a bra fitted for you, as many women actually wear the wrong size of bra. Some women find that wearing a supporting bra 24 hours a day for the week before a period is helpful. It is best to avoid underwired bras. Wear a sports bra when you exercise. A soft bra at night may help you sleep more comfortably.

Why Do I Feel High On My Period

Prostaglandins are hormones that aid in the regulation of various biological functions, including menstruation. During your period, though, you may develop an overabundance of prostaglandins. Excess prostaglandins might make your cramps worse since they compress the muscles in your uterus. They might also cause other negative effects such as breast tenderness and nasal congestion.

Your body produces more than one type of prostaglandin during your period. Prostaglandins are made up of chains of carbon atoms with oxygen molecules attached to some of those carbons. There are two main types of prostaglandins: PGF2a and PGD2. Your body makes more of the PGF2a version around the time of your period because it needs these hormones to dilate your cervix so that a fertilized egg can implant itself in the wall of your uterus. After pregnancy, your body starts making less PGF2a so that you don’t experience too many bleeding episodes. It still makes some PGF2a, but not as much as before you were pregnant.

The second type of prostaglandin, PGD2, is only made by cells in your immune system. Your body creates more PGD2 after receiving certain signals from your brain. These signals may come in response to infection or injury to some part of your body.

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Breast Pain After Your Period

If you have breast pain after your period, then it may not be related to your period. Instead, it may be noncyclic pain caused by something else. It may affect one or both breasts. Some possible explanations for breast pain after your period include pregnancy, trauma to the breast, a poorly fitting bra, mastitis, and fibrocystic breast changes. Costochondritis and back, shoulder, or neck sprains may also feel like breast pain. Taking certain medication such as antidepressants and oral contraceptives can also cause breast pain after your period. Having surgery on your breast and the resulting formation of scar tissue can also result in breast pain.

Most breast cancers dont cause pain. But if you experience breast pain after your period that doesnt get better, you should consult your health care provider immediately, particularly if you have any of the following signs and symptoms.

  • A lump in your breast
  • Any clear or bloody discharge from your nipple
  • Symptoms of a breast infection including pus, fever, redness, or tenderness
  • Pain or lump in your breast without any cause or that doesnt get better

Track your period and symptoms to see your unique cycle patterns.

Treatment Options For Cyclical Breast Pain

The Etiology of Premenstral Dysphoric Disorder: 5 interwoven pieces ...

No treatment may be needed if the symptoms are mild. Many women are reassured by knowing that cyclical breast pain is not a symptom of cancer or serious breast disease. The problem may settle by itself within 3-6 months. Studies have shown that cyclical breast pain goes away within three months in about 3 in 10 cases. However, in up to 6 in 10 women where the pain has gone, it develops again sometime within two years. So, in other words, cyclical breast pain may come and go over the years.

If the pain is more severe, or for the times when it may flare up worse than usual, treatment options include the following:

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