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Common Causes Of Neck Pain

Chronic Low Back Pain : Understanding lower back structures and treatment approaches

Looking at theanatomy of the human neck, several issues can lead to neck pain. The neck or cervical spine has several bony vertebrae making up the spinal column. There is flexible cartilage on every vertebra that acts as a shock absorber. The spinal cord also sits inside the spinal column, with numerous nerves, muscles, and ligaments supporting the neck and head.

Neck pain will result from injury to any of these structures. While other pain is not severe and can last a couple of weeks, some conditions can last longer when left unattended.

The common causes include:

The Symptoms Of Cervical Spondylosis

Most people with cervical spondylosis may not experience any symptoms. However, if signs occur, they mainly affect the neck.

Muscle spasms are a prevalent sign of this condition. You may also experience stiffness orchronic pain in the neck, which worsens when you move your head.

Other common symptoms of cervical spondylosis are:

  • Grinding or popping sound when you move the neck

Cervical spondylosis can cause the spinal canal to narrow. The limited space will then increase pressure on the spinal cord, resulting inpinched nerve roots. If this issue occurs, you will likely notice significant symptoms. For example, your hands, legs, arms, and feet may feel weak or numb. You could also experience a tingling sensation in various body parts.

Other signs you might notice if you have a pinched nerve triggered by cervical spondylosis are:

  • The loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Reduced muscle coordination
  • Difficulty walking

Causes Of Chronic Pain In The Elderly

Chronic pain has many causes and can be musculoskeletal, meaning it originates from muscles, bones, and joints. It could also be neuropathic when its origin is the nervous system. Advanced age increases the risk of diseases that cause chronic pain, and the elderly are also prone to injury and infections. Common causes of chronic pain in the elderly include

  • Increased risk of falling

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Welcome To Southeast Spine & Pain Associates

We have a lot of exciting new services to help manage your chronic pain:

Spinal Cord Stimulation

  • Back pain that may or may not extend to extremities

DRG Therapy Dorsal Root Ganglion Therapy

Southeast Spine and Pain Associates


Medical Director

Of course, we still offer all the same interventional pain procedures and medication services as always. In our continuing efforts to be the most comprehensive choice in the management of chronic pain, we strive to offer the safest, least invasive, and most effective treatment options to our patients.

Dr. Joseph DiChiara, our Medical Director, completed his Interventional Pain Management Fellowship at the University of Virginia. This specialized training has allowed Dr. Joe to bring his expertise, extensive knowledge regarding pain management, and cutting-edge medical services to the greater Knoxville area since 2016.

We are currently accepting new patients!SSPA accepts many insurances and offers a self-pay option.Call us today to make an appointment!

Southeast Spine And Pain Associates

Patient Information
  • Board Certified In Pain Management
  • Board Certified In Anesthesia
  • Joseph DiChiara, DO Fellowship Trained In Pain Management
  • Medical Director, Joseph DiChiara, DO
  • Certificate Number 633

Skilled Pain Management Doctor in Knoxville, TN

  • Caring and compassionate staff
  • Convenient location
  • High level of experience
Contact Us Today

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When Should I Seek Medical Advice

Generally if your pain lasts longer than 4-6 weeks or if your symptoms change, you should see a doctor.

Other reasons for seeking medical advice are:

  • You suspect cauda equina syndrome :
    • Seek immediate medical advice.
  • Your pain is constant and is not eased by lying down or resting.
  • Your pain is gradually becoming worse and worse.
  • You are experiencing weakness in any of your muscles in your leg or foot or you are tripping up .
  • You have a lack of feeling in any part of your bottom or leg.
  • Your pain started after a road accident or a fall.
  • You have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.
  • You have recently taken or are still taking steroid medication.
  • Your pain is worst in the early hours of the morning and on waking and is eased by activity.

Southeast Pain And Spine Care

Pain Management 1 Provider

3030 Randolph Rd Ste 100, Charlotte NC, 28211

Make an Appointment

Telehealth services available

Southeast Pain and Spine Care is a medical group practice located in Charlotte, NC that specializes in Pain Management.

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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    What Are The Symptoms Of Back Pain

    Management and Treatment of Low Back Pain with Dr. Isaac Gooding

    Back pain is pain that is felt anywhere from the bottom of the neck to your bottom. It can range from mild and fleeting to severe or long-lasting. It can come on for an obvious reason – such as after a fall or lifting something very heavy or awkward – or it can just come on for no reason at all.

    Sometimes back pain causes other symptoms:

    • Pain in the leg or foot.
    • Pain in the buttock or thigh.
    • Weakness in one or both legs.
    • Pins and needles in one or both legs.
    • Other sensations in the legs, such as warmth or a burning feeling.

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    Find Relief At Southeast Pain & Spine Care

    Cervical spondylosis can affect your lifestyle by causing chronic pain and discomfort. At Southeast Pain & Spine Care, we will help you relieve the effects of this condition.

    Our board-certified physicians offer non-surgical treatment for cervical spondylosis. With our assistance, you can manage chronic pain and avoid surgery.Contact us today or fill out the form below for a consultation.

    Words From Our Patients

    • “I have been a patient for over 8 years off and on as needed . Dr Bosch is an excellent physician with a heart of gold.”

      Larry Y.

    • “Dr. Bosch is a Great doctor when I’m in pain they get in to see him right away. He makes sure he can keep you comfortable till a procedure is done.”

      Debbie P.

    • “I have mostly had a great experience there the people were very helpful and nice I would recommend them to any of my family members and friends”

      Bobby G.

    • “I have been seeing Dr. Bosh for a year or more. He is concerned and caring, answers all of my questions concerning recommended procedures.”

      Russ B.

    • “Dr. Bosch is very open about the procedures, unlike some other doctors.”

      Sara S.

    • “I found Dr. Bosch and staff members very kind and helpful. Dr. Bosch spent quite a bit of time with me, to be sure he knew about all of my different areas of pain.”

      Self-verified patient

    • “From the moment I walked into the door, I was treated with respect and care. Dr. Bosch really listened to my concerns and not just filled me with pills.”

      Self-verified patient

    • “Dr. Bosch is caring and honest and we recommend him to everyone we know with pain problems.”

      Self-verified patient

    • “Dr. Bosch did a wonderful job of diagnosing my problem and helped me get relief from debilitating pain.”

      Self-verified patient

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    Understanding The Difference Between A Permanent And Temporary Nerve Block

    by Valet Health | Sep 16, 2022 | Blog, Pain Management

    Many people battle constant pain for many, pain relief medications are no longer enough. Depending on the cause of the pain and your medical history, your doctor may suggest a nerve block to provide long-term relief and improve your quality of life.

    Doctors use nerve block injections as a palliative and therapeutic management of chronic pain, but they can also be helpful for diagnosis and prognosis. It can be beneficial as a treatment to avoid surgery.

    Most Common Types Of Chronic Pain

    Patient Information
    • Back pain is the most common chronic pain in the US, with 80% of adults having experienced it in their lifetime
    • The second most prevalent chronic pain is migraines. 1 in 6 Americans experiences self-reported cases of migraine
    • An estimated 3% to 17% of Americans experience chronic neuropathic pain, which is the abnormal sensitivity to stimuli
    • 1 in 4 adults in the US, which is an estimated about 15 million people, suffer from chronic pain thats related to arthritis

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    What Causes Low Back Pain

    There are many possible causes of low back pain, but the most common is a herniated disk, which is a bulge or tear in the disk that surrounds the spinal cord. Other causes include arthritis, tumors, and compression of the spinal cord. Some people develop low back pain after a fall or during childbirth.

    What Should I Do If I Have Back Pain

    Usually back pain settles down quickly, within a week or so. You should try to keep as active as you can and do your normal activities, if possible. If the pain is stopping you from being able to keep moving then you should take painkillers regularly so that you can. The old advice of resting until the pain eases has been proven to be wrong.

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    Get Back To Doing What You Love Pain Free

    The Southeastern Spine Institute offers patients the very best in spine health expertise, technology and procedures. Our physician staff includes spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, sports medicine orthopedic specialists, non-surgical rehab doctors and pain management specialists.

    Our new, state-of-the-art 65,000-square-foot building features six ambulatory surgery and outpatient procedure rooms with added overnight capabilities. The facility also houses larger MRIs and offers numerous benefits: EMG, digital X-ray and fluoroscopy capabilities Spine block In-house pharmacy Physical therapy center for spine-related conditions

    Our new facility also offers expanded parking and more convenient patient care for the growing Mt. Pleasant and greater Charleston-area populations.

    Symptoms Of Hip And Low Back Pain

    Intervertebral Disk Disease(IVDD) in Dogs – Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

    If youre experiencing pain in your hips or low back, there are a few things you can do to try and get relief. Here are some common symptoms of hip and low back pain, and what you can do to treat them. The Hip and the Leg. The hip joint or the hip is a ball-and-socket type of joint. It consists of two bones: the femur and the acetabulum . These bones move apart when you move your leg and feet, then come together again to allow for movement.

    What are some causes of hip pain? Hip pain is typically caused by an injury, but it can also be brought on by an overuse issue. An injury can cause bruising, swelling, muscle sprains, and skin tears that bleed into your muscles around the hip socket causing hip pain.

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    The Cost Of Management In The Us

    • The cost of chronic pain in the US is estimated to be between $560-$635 billion yearly. This includes disability initiatives, lost productivity, and medical expenses
    • The opioid outpatient prescription costs more than $800 out of pocket every year
    • Americans with mild pain pay more for health care services than those without pain. They pay an estimate of $4516 yearly

    What To Expect During A Non

    The procedure requires needles, fluorescent light, and ultrasound to guide the needle properly. Your doctor may also use low-level electrical stimulation to locate your pain.

    The doctor will first numb the skin before the procedure and inject the medicine into the nerve or a group of nerves. The injection numbs the area and reduces pain and inflammation.

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    Nering With Your Doctor On Medical Decisions

    by Valet Health | Sep 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

    Your health and body are very delicate. It would be best if you never made medication decisions on your own. Always seek your doctors opinion they know better. Please discuss with your doctor and let them prescribe what will suit your condition and body.

    As a patient, you have the right to understand any prescription or diagnosis made by a doctor for you. You should ask your doctor to explain why they prescribed the selected medication for you, how it works, and its carefully reviewed side effects. Some medications can even lead to hair loss, an unpleasant thought for any patient.

    In case of a diagnosis, the doctor should explain how he was able to conclude the said disease. Below are some things you should ask and discuss with your doctor.

    Diagnosis Of Central Pain Syndrome

    Patient Information

    The condition is hard to diagnose due to the failure to identify where your pain originates.

    To diagnose this condition, your doctor or neurologist will take a thorough medical history and perform a physical examination.

    Then they will order tests to confirm the diagnosis and locate the damage. Tests like

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    Treatment Options For Hip And Back Pain

    There are a variety of treatments that can be used to relieve hip and low back pain. The following are five of the more common treatment options.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Physical therapy is a common treatment for hip and low back pain. Physical therapists may help you to improve your range of motion, strengthen your muscles, and learn how to use exercises to prevent future episodes of pain.

    Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that uses needles to treat various conditions, including hip and low back pain. Some studies have shown that acupuncture can be effective in relieving pain, improving mobility, and reducing inflammation. However, there is limited research into the effectiveness of acupuncture for hip and low back pain specifically. If you are considering acupuncture for your condition, speak with your doctor first.

    Many people find that medications are helpful in relieving their hip and low back pain. Common medications used to treat hip and low back pain include ibuprofen , acetaminophen , Celebrex, and naproxen . Other medications may also be used, such as opioids , muscle relaxants, muscle stimulants, antidepressants, or antiepileptic drugs. You are encouraged to discuss the best treatment option with your doctor.

    The Charlotte Area’sleading Spine And Nerve Expert

    With double board certifications, Dr. Ammar Alamarie brings a high level of expertise to his physician-run practice. Southern Pain and Spine Specialists is the number one spine center Charlotte, NC has to offer. We provide treatment for hip pain, back pain, knee pain, and much more! No matter what might be ailing you, our specialists are here to help you get back on your feet and take control of your life again. Let our years of experience and positive patient reviews speak for themselves, and see why we are the most trusted clinic in the area. When you are ready to get started living a pain-free life, book an appointment with us. Were sure youll be satisfied with your care.

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    The Most Effective Exercises For Neck Pain Relief

    by Valet Health | Sep 28, 2022 | Blog, chronic pain

    Neck pain is a common occurrence for almost everyone, and going by the numbers, you have or will encounter discomfort in your neck at some point. It can occur in the morning when you wake up with a stiff neck or appear as discomfort at the end of the day.

    According to studies, the average head of an adult weighs10 to 12 pounds when in an upright position. However, when you look down like you would when glancing at your phone, your head exerts an extra 60 pounds on your neck. The common term for this strain istext neck its almost always responsible for neck pain and stiffness.

    Fortunately, you can relieve your neck pain using stretching and strengthening exercises.

    New Treatment: Stellate Ganglion Blocks For Long

    Acupressure Self Care for Neck Pain

    by Valet Health | Sep 14, 2022 | Blog, News & Events, Pain Management

    Stellate ganglion blocks is a procedure that affects the fight or flight response. This is tied to the sympathetic nervous system, a nerve that connects parts of the brain which control the central autonomic network to the rest of the body.

    Multiple studies have shown that a right-sided SGB procedure results in a long-term improvement to chronic anxiety conditions. The sympathetic nervous system is turned off through the SGB procedure, allowing that part of the brain to reset. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes to complete, and benefits have been reported in as little as 30 minutes.

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