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Mattress That Is Good For Back Pain

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Owl And Lark The Mattress Review Here

BEST Mattress for Back Pain According to Science + Giveaway!

Unlike other brands, Owl + Lark dont sell multiple different variations or products. They only sell one mattress, and theyve thrown the kitchen sink into it its got a cashmere + wool + latex layer, and is also a hybrid . It is, in many ways, the best of both worlds. But you have to pay a premium for it, and its still a relative newcomer to the UK mattress scene. In other words, its a bit difficult to gauge long-term feelings and reviews, but as time progresses Ill be sure to update my review.

If You Have Hip Pain When Sleeping On Your Back

If you have hip pain when sleeping on your back, it can make almost any other sleeping position uncomfortable. This pain is often caused by tension in the hip flexors which then tug on your lower back, hips, and legs.

For alleviating your hip pain when sleeping on your back, try placing a pillow or rolled-up blanket under your knees. Depending on the degree of muscular tension, you may need two pillows positioned under your knees. This places your hip flexors in a relaxed state, easing tension on your lower back and hips.

If you feel a pinch on your groin while laying in this position, allow your legs to spread and rotate outward. You can even use pillows on the outside of your knees to keep them comfortable and supported in this position.

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Best Mattresses For Lower And Upper Back Pain

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Medical News Todays Methodology

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  • Certifications:MNT will choose products that have CertiPUR-US or other certifications. This means that the products are low in pollutants and free from heavy metals and volatile organic compounds.
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  • Budget: MNT features products to suit a wide range of budgets.
  • Firmness: MNT selects mattresses available in a range of firmness options to suit most peoples sleeping styles.
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The Best Mattress For Back Pain Recommended By An Osteopath

Is orthopedic mattress good for back pain? Best Mattress UK

Our expert says the best mattress for back pain depends on your posture, weight and sleeping style: so which is right for you?

Back pain is the leading cause of disability in the UK and affects approximately one in six adults. Its aggravated by our sedentary lifestyles and bad posture, both at our desks and while we sleep. While no mattress will be a magic fix, an unsupportive one can compound the problem.

Typically inflammatory pain is worse in the morning because as we lie, our heart rate slows down, circulation slows and any inflammation stays pooled in the area. Sleep position is key, says Dave Gibson, osteopath, sleep coach and founder of The Sleep Site.

To avoid back pain you should ideally sleep with your spine in alignment. For back sleepers and front sleepers the main danger is that the spine settles into a U-shape while sleeping. For side sleepers it depends on the pressure points at shoulder, hip and head.

Lie on your side in bed and get your partner to take a photograph so you can see how your spine lines up, Gibson recommends. Your pillow needs to be the right height and the mattress needs to be supportive enough so that when you lie down, your spine is in alignment. It can help to put a pillow between your knees. It also helps if the mattress is firm.

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Other Mattresses We’ve Tested

It’s difficult for the average person to test every mattress they might be interested in, especially when it comes to online mattresses that are exclusively sold through the brands’ websites. That’s why we have our CNET Sleep editors test the mattresses we review, and create round ups that include some of the best beds they snuggled up to. While the beds above are top choices, here are a few that could have easily made the list as an ideal mattress for back pain.

Avocado mattress: For individuals who live green or are particularly sensitive to household allergens, an organic mattress like Avocado might be appealing. With the optional pillow top, the Avocado mattress has a medium-firm profile that keeps the back in neutral alignment and prevents it from sagging into the mattress. At the same time, there is ample pressure relief around the points you need it most. Though, it might be a little too firm for side sleepers. Another plus about this bed, is thanks to its latex foam construction, it’s hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

WinkBed mattress: There are several perks to a WinkBed mattress that make it an ultra comfortable option for people who suffer from back pain. It’s offered in three firmness levels, but the firm model is what I recommend, thanks to its golden ratio of support to pressure relief. Not only is it made with supportive pocketed coils, but it also has a “LumbarLayer” specifically designed to offer targeted support to your lumbar region.

Bear mattress:

How Does Sleeping Position Affect Back Pain

Back pain can occur as a result of an underlying condition or sleep-related factors. The right mattress topper can help relieve pressure points and support natural spinal alignment, which could also help contribute to reduced back pain. However, each sleep position can affect the spine differently, so those suffering from back pain may want to consider the role of their preferred sleep position.

Side sleepers: People who sleep on their side frequently prefer a slightly softer sleep surface that balances conforming and support. Too firm of a topper may not allow their hips and shoulders to sink in enough, while too soft of a mattress topper may let their hips and shoulders sink in too much. Either of these situations could put a strain on their spines and contribute to back pain. A thicker topper could be ideal for a bed that is too firm, as it can provide ample room for a side sleepers hips and shoulders to sink in. A firmer topper that helps prevent sinkage will be better for a bed that is too soft.

Back sleepers: This sleep position typically requires a slightly firmer sleep surface that gives them the support they need to maintain their natural spinal alignment, so they may prefer firmer and/or thinner mattress toppers. A topper that is too soft could allow their hips to sink in excessively and make it difficult to keep their spine well-aligned. Too firm of a topper could also be problematic, leaving a gap between the bed and the sleepers lumbar region.

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Should You Get An Adjustment

It is a very wise idea to get a wellness adjustment from your chiropractor before you go mattress shopping. This can help relieve pain and help you have better posture and body support while you sleep. Ask your chiropractor for advice on sleeping positions, as well as recommendations for mattresses. Not only is your chiropractor a back expert, but he has probably heard a lot of recommendations from his patients who suffered from mattress-induced back pain.

How Can Your Mattress Worsen Your Joint Pain

Choosing A Mattress For Back Pain & Sciatica

A new study from Brigham Young University found that sleeping on a mattress not designed for your body position can cause pain.

The study, published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, found that when people sleep on a mattress that isnt designed for their specific size and shape, it can lead to more pain.

When we slept on these mattresses, we had much more pain, said Dr. Steven M. Orr, assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Utah School of Medicine. Sleeping in the wrong position may cause chronic low back pain.

Orr said people should invest in a quality mattress that fits their body type and size. He added that buying a bed with adjustable settings can also help reduce pain.

A persons mattress is a major part of their bedroom. It serves as the foundation for their sleep and can greatly affect how well they sleep. Mattresses are often overlooked regarding health, but that doesnt mean they should be ignored.

A mattress can affect your health in many ways. The right bedding can improve your sleep quality and help you feel rested, while poor-quality mattresses can cause severe joint pain, skin problems, and even more serious issues.

Here are some reasons how can your mattress worsen your joint pain:

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Best Mattress For Back Pain In 2022

Waking up with back pain? These mattresses combine comfort and support for a restful night and a pain-free morning.

Reviewed by:

Troy Mensen, DO

Troy Mensen is a family medicine doctor based in Chicago. He received his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine and holds a certification in family medicine from the American Board of Family Medicine. He is licensed by the State of Illinois Medical Examining Board.

Lindsay Boyers

CNET Contributor

Lindsay Boyers is a certified nutritionist and published book author who writes articles and product reviews for CNET’s health and wellness section. Her work also appears on mindbodygreen, Healthline, Verywell Health and The Spruce. When she’s not actively searching for the best products at the best prices, she’s most likely creating new recipes, reading in her hammock or trying to force her cats to love her.

McKenzie Dillon


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Back pain can seem like the primary enemy standing betwen you and a good night’s rest, but a mattress can make a big difference in how you feel and how well you sleep. Sometimes, in fact, your mattress is the culprit behind your back pain. The best mattress for back pain won’t be the same for everyone, but finding the right one for you can mean that relief is right around the corner.

Effects Of Sleeping On A Soft Bed

The Hammock-effect.When the bed is too soft and sags too much, the body will follow the curves of the sagged mattress. In this case, we speak of the hammock-effect, illustrating the abnormal curve in the spine. Different researchers point out that in order to support the body, there should be no sign of the hammock-effect visible. As illustration A shows, the spine is not aligned correctly and will not relieve back pain.

Limited freedom of movement and moisture drainage. A mattress that is too soft, would contour the body too extensively. In this case, the sleeper would need to use muscles to stabilize the body in an adequate sleeping position. As continuously making use of our muscles during our sleep is next to impossible, the body will bend back into the sagged pit, causing limited freedom of movement and strain for certain muscle groups – this explains why you wake up feeling so tired and stiff in the mornings!

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When To Talk With A Doctor

Buying a new mattress may help your back pain. But if you have pain that persists, its best to seek a professional opinion.

If your back pain prevents you from participating in day-to-day activities or lasts longer than 2 weeks, its time to talk with a doctor. If the pain is more severe, seek care sooner.

Which Mattress Will Work For Your Body

The Best Mattresses for Back Pain to Help You Sleep Easy

On that note, there is no one-size-fits-all bed that will suit everyone. To gauge which mattress is right for you, it is recommended that you spend at least 1012 minutes trying one in person. Ideally, you ought to do so in the position you usually sleep in.

The right level of comfort will depend on your personal situation and how you sleep. Read more about the various comfort layers to see how they can help support your lower back.

The more stability you have and the fewer disturbances during sleep, the more likely you are to stay in a properly supported position throughout the night. Read more about our edge support and how it promotes optimal stability.

Adjustable beds can also be a good option, as the right position can help alleviate pressure from your lower back by distributing the weight more evenly and may assist with some sleep conditions. Read more about Sealys adjustable foundation mattress here.

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King Koil Xtended Life Grayson Firm

  • Height: 14 inches

The Xtended Life Grayson Firm from King Koil is a hybrid mattress that features a high density foam layer and a graphite-infused latex layer for coolness, pressure relief, and durability. The steel coils are placed to support your body shape and alignment and reduce motion disturbance.

King Koil is endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association. The mattresses are sold in stores, so you can try before you buy, but the company doesnt offer a trial period or sell online. The mattress comes with a 25-year warranty.

  • height: 12 inches

The Nectar is a medium-firm mattress with almost no movement transfer. Four layers of CertiPUR-US certified foam are designed to support you at pressure points and keep you cool. The top cooling layer of cotton and Tencel fabric molds to your body, and the bottom layers give you firm support.

This mattress is made to work with all types of bed platforms and sleepers. As with all foam mattresses, it may off-gas for a few days after shipment. Reviews are mostly positive, though some reviewers complain that the mattress didnt expand properly after opening.

With a 365-day trial period, free shipping, free returns, and a lifetime guarantee, you can feel comfortable buying online.

  • Height: 12 inches

With a unique Celliant cover, the mattress sleeps cool. Celliant is designed to increase your blood flow, and its recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as a medical device.

Memory Foam Mattresses For Back Pain

Memory foam mattresses range in how they feel more than just about any other mattress type. They have a great amount of give, and closely contour to the body in many spots. As long as these mattresses are not too soft, they are usually good options for those with back pain, especially lower back pain since the moldable foam can fill in the lumbar region. Take a look at our best memory foam mattresses page for more info.

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Mattress Features To Look For To Relieve Back Pain

When shopping for a mattress to help relieve back pain, some features are more important than others. With so many products and a bevy of marketing hype, it can be tough to parse out what really matters. Based on our extensive experience testing mattresses, we believe that youre most likely to get the most satisfaction out of your purchase by focusing on certain key considerations:

  • Mattress Type: The materials and design will play a huge role in the performance of a mattress. The contouring, bounce, firmness, temperature regulation, and motion isolation of a mattress will be different for each mattress type, so it is critical for shoppers to think about their priorities and choose a mattress with components that will best meet their needs.
  • Zoned Support: Weight from the body is not distributed evenly instead, certain areas tend to require more cushioning. A zoned mattress takes that into account and offers reinforced support in those areas.
  • Quality Materials: Weve found that a mattress made with excellent materials is much more likely to provide the performance, reliability, and durability that people with back pain need.
  • Firmness Level: Firmness is a key driver of mattress comfort and is largely a matter of personal preference. At the same time, the right firmness level can play a big part in whether a mattress offers sufficient support, and that will depend significantly on your body weight and sleeping position.

Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Best Mattress for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain (FULL REVIEW)

Type: hybridHeight: 14 inches

This medium-firm hybrid mattress comes with a tufted pillow top cover made of foam and cashmere.

This mattress is best for stomach and back sleepers and will work well for people with more body weight.

There are layers of gel-infused latex memory foam, and according to users, the mattress feels more durable and luxe than your average memory foam bed.

If you sleep with a partner who moves a lot during the night, this isnt the best mattress for motion isolation.

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