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Where To Buy Kailo

How to Manage Pain Via Natural Methods-Do Pain Relief Patches Work?

When in doubt, buy directly from the brands website. Its the easiest method, giving you access to its entire product selection, perks, gets you their 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and makes for a simple return, if necessary. To shop, head to gokailo.com.

If Amazon is more your thing, you can find select products there too, but the perks, guarantees, and return policies will not apply.

What Is Kailos Return Policy

Kailo comes with a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee that promises a complete refund if youre not totally happy with your pain relief patch.

Though Kailo gives customers free shipping, you will have to pay for return shipping. To make a return, simply email the address listed in the very last section of this Kailo review. Refunds will only be applied once your return has been received at the brands warehouse.

Features & Benefit Of Kailo

The advancement in the world of pain relief patches is nothing short of miraculous. The Kailo Pain Aid Patch has become far more than just a temporary fix for pain relief, but it now replaces old methods that people use to get relief from pain.

Gone are the days when an individual would have to take pills or drink medicine to feel better. All one has to do is apply this simple patch and they will feel so much better in no time.

Lets talk about some of the features and benefits of Kailo


Kailo Pain Relief Patch is a revolutionary innovation in pain management. This product features nano capacitors that are 100% safe to use all day, every day, and do not affect your body. Nanocapacitors are tiny batteries that can store electrical energy safely within them. This means that when you apply the patch to problem areas, the electricity will stimulate nerve endings in your skin to block out pain signals being sent to your brain.


These patches are very soothing and can be used anywhere on the body for nerve, joint, muscle pain relief. It is a natural pain relief solution without the risk of addiction or dependency like with medications such as opioids. There will never be an adverse reaction to Kailos Nanocapacitor.

Block the pain signal


No other patch can be applied several times like the Kailo Pain Relief Patch. Patches made by Kailo may be used again and time again.

Versatile Usage

No Drug or Medicine



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New Kailo Pain Patch To Provide All

SandyEveryone experiences body pain at some point in their lives, especially as we age and our tolerance for pain decreases. As a result, the demand for rapid effects in remedy products is high. Many people rely on pain-relief patches, which work to reduce inflammation and relieve muscle, joint, and body discomfort. Others who have body pain take painkillers in the hopes that the discomfort will go away quickly.

Pain Relief Technologies LLC introduced an all-natural pain relief patch that has quickly risen to the top of the market. Kailo Pain Relief Patch is a non-transdermal, re-usable, and innovative technological patch that is designed to naturally relieve pain in just a few seconds.

According to The Journal of Anesthesia and Pain Research, the effectiveness of the Kailo Pain Patch was tested in a clinical trial. The interim clinical trial results from Pain Relief Technologies and Clarity Science show a significant decrease in pain severity and pain interference. Importantly, the trial shows a great decrease in concurrent medication used to relieve pain.

Kailo Reviews: How the All-Natural Patch Has Changed Lives

In addition to clinical trials that demonstrate Kailos effectiveness, many people have used Kailo and have seen it transform their lives like magic.

Heres one users story on how their life was changed as a result of Kailos all-natural effect:

Kailo Patch Reviews: How To Use This Pain Patch A Step

Kailo Pain Patch

The process of using the product is easy. It is just like you applying any adhesive patch to your skin.

  • Step 1: Continuously move the patch over the region where you need pain relief. Drag it slowly over the part to determine which area is most effective. You should feel a sense of tingling or warmth. This is a sign that this product is effective, and you start feeling pain relief immediately.
  • Step 2: After discovering the right location, remove the adhesive cover from one of the strips and attach it to the patch. Attach the adhesive to the back of the patch. Remove half of the adhesive backing and press it against the patch. Remove the other half and press it against the patch. After this, you can either store it for future use or immediately attach it to your skin.
  • Step 3: Once youre ready to use the patch, remove the adhesive backing from this product, then apply the patch to your skin or clothing. You should note that the adhesive can be washed and reused on different occasions. There are three adhesive patches per kit.

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Kailo Review What Is Kailo

To alleviate pain without making you weak or disoriented, the Kailo Pain Relief Patch was created. It is completely risk-free and may be used by anybody. Drugs or pharmaceuticals that make you sleepy and sluggish are not contained in Kailo Relief Patch.

Its also wonderful for those who are allergic to painkillers, have ulcers, acid reflux, anemia, and other illnesses that prevent them from using painkillers.

Kailo Pain Relief Patch is a product that claims to relieve pain in a non-invasive way. The product is embedded with billions of tiny nano capacitors that store and release small jolts of electric currents which generate heat to help soothe muscle and joint aches.

In recent years, scientists have used nanotechnology to design new ways of interfacing with the human body. Recently, Kailo has released a wearable device that allows individuals to treat chronic pain.

The device is placed at the temple and sends an electrical impulse that blocks pain signals from reaching the brain. More studies are needed to assess long-term effects, but Kailo is already available for sale on the official website nationwide.

Is Kailo Kits Microtech Bio Antenna Pain Patch Interacts With Electrical Signals In Your Body For Natural Pain Relief Reusable Waterproof Sweat Proof Replaceable Adhesive Single Available And Ready For Delivery In In Australia

desertcart ships the Kailo Kits Microtech Bio Antenna Pain Patch Interacts With Electrical Signals In Your Body For Natural Pain Relief Reusable Waterproof Sweat Proof Replaceable Adhesive Single to and more cities in Australia. Get unlimited free shipping in 164+ countries with desertcart Plus membership. We can deliver the Kailo Kits Microtech Bio Antenna Pain Patch Interacts With Electrical Signals In Your Body For Natural Pain Relief Reusable Waterproof Sweat Proof Replaceable Adhesive Single speedily without the hassle of shipping, customs or duties.

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Can I Wear More Than One Kailo Patch At A Time

It appears that people have a threshold for pain relief, meaning that if you wear two or more patches, the amount of pain relief you feel in each spot will be decreased, as that relief is spread out over several areas on your body. With that said, you are welcome to wear as many Kailo patches as you like.

Who Is Behind Kailo

How to Apply & Remove Transdermal Patch (Fentanyl) | Medication Administration for Nursing Students

Kailo was founded by Stuart Mugleston Fetzer in Feb 2018. He is a material science engineer from the University of Utah . Stuart professes to have an active faith and is an active member of the Church of Latter-day Saints , and he teaches adult religion classes at Brigham Young University. He lives in Sandy, Utah with his family, where he runs a number of other businesses alongside Kailo , including High Line Funds LLC. It is unclear what the connection is with nCAP , other than they are both operated in Utah and appear to also be LDS members.

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The Following Videos Are Offered As Placement Suggestions


A headache can ruin even the brightest day. One reported successful placement for head pain is to orient the Kailo horizontally across the side of the forehead down to the temple with the top edge at the hairline. There is no movement necessary for this placement. For additional successful head placements contact a placement specialist at:


One successful placement for face pain is to orient the Kailo vertically across the side of the face with the bottom edge on the jaw line and the top edge at the temple. No movement is necessary.For additional successful face placements contact us at


One successful placement for elbow pain is to orient the Kailo horizontally and place it over the back of the upper arm right above the elbow. Gradually moving the patch up the back of the arm towards the brain. For additional successful elbow placements see our other videos or contact a placement specialist at .


One successful placement for shoulder pain is to orient the Kailo at a 45 degree angle on the back of the shoulder. Gradually move the Kailo up and across the trapezius muscle toward the brain, keeping this same angle. For additional successful shoulder placements see our other videos or contact a placement specialist at .


One successful placement for hand and wrist pain is to orient the Kailo horizontally across the wrist and gradually move it up the forearm towards the brain.




Benefits Of Using Kailo Pain Relief Patches

Kailo pain patch has turned out to be an effective solution that helps in getting rid of pain without having to remember the prescribed schedule for taking capsules or without even having to visit your doctor. Here are some of the distinguishing features of the Kailo pain patch that will help you in making your decision whether or not you would want to use it as your pain relief remedy:

Easy Application

The Kailo Pain Patch is designed to work on any part of your body. Be it your shoulder, back, head, knee, or even your feet. You can use it anywhere freely by simply sticking it onto that part.

Instant Relief

The moment you place this patch on your affected body part, it will instantly spring into action to give you quick relief. In not more than 60 seconds you will be able to get rid of the pain. Isnt that wonderful?

Works naturally

Based on an all-natural non-invasive design, the product is free from all the chemicals hence nothing enters your system. So the relief that you will experience will happen naturally.

Is Waterproof

A very nice and convenient aspect about the Kailo Pain Patch is made waterproof, hence you can wear them whilst you are exercising as well and sweating. Even if you wear them when you are showering, you dont need to worry about it because the water wont interfere with the technology of the batches all this because the product is waterproof.

Doesnt have any side effects

The patches last for years

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Where To Buy The Kailo Pain Relief Patch

You can get brand new pain patches by clicking on the button below. Being regular users of this product, theyve offered us huge discounts that we are extending to our readers you. You can now get one Kailo patch for every two patches that you buy. Also, you can get two free patches for every three patches that you buy.

Also, in preparation for the Christmas season, you can get an extra $10 discount or free shipping to your location if you order with the button below. Its our way of saying thank you for reading this awfully long piece of article.

Is Kailo Pain Relief A Scam Lets Take A Look

Kailo Pain Patch Reviews  Real Complaints or Safe Relief?  The San ...

Authors note: Kailo Pain Relief patches are not associated with either Kailo Medical or Kailo Medispa. Please dont contact or harass these unaffiliated legitimate businesses!

Kailo Pain Relief appears to be a complete scam just a snake oil product with slick marketing.

Kailo is another new crowdfunding product on indiegogo, that to date has raised over an astonishing $2,000,000 AUD.

Advertised as The Future of Pain Relief, Kailo is sold as a miraculous pain-relief solution that you dont need to eat, dont need to touch, and that doesnt require batteries and yet never runs out. They claim that it is a nanotech bio-antenna that interacts with electrical signals in your body, naturally relieving pain.

While these are certainly astonishing claims, amazing claims require extraordinary proof, and here is where things start to get concerning. While Kailo has been promoted on other websites, to date, I have not found anyone on the internet actually examining and critiquing their specific claims.

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Kailo Promotions & Discounts

When it comes to pain, it feels like wed throw any amount down just to get some sort of relief, but demand on the market shouldnt give carte blanche to pain management companies to take advantage of consumers.

This Kailo review finds the company has been careful to keep costs reasonable. While the initial cost is higher than other over-the-counter pain relief patches, you only need one patch for long-term relief.

Plus, the brand offers several discounts we spotted in the course of writing this Kailo review:

  • Get 10% off when you join the mailing list
  • Special 40% off their entire website for Black Friday
  • Free US shipping

How Do I Clean My Kailo

To clean your Kailo, remove the adhesive strip, and just use warm water and soap.

Never use harsh cleaners, oils, or rubbing alcohol directly on your Kailotheyll damage the product.

If you have any sticky residue from the strip left on your skin, it can be washed off or removed with a bit of skin-safe oil, or even makeup remover. Just make sure to re-apply your Kailo to clean skin free of any residue.

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What Pain Can The Kailo Patch Heal

For those who experience pain or injuries, when it is time to recover, they look for the best way to heal. It is for this reason that many people are now opting for Kailo Patch.

The Kailo Patch Heal any type of pain like neck, joint, muscle even migraine and mensural cramp too, and many more! The Kailo Patch is a natural and holistic solution to pain relief. These patches can be applied to the skin and provide relief within minutes. It is safe for all ages and does not contain any chemicals or drugs.

Comparison: Kailo Vs Salonpas

Capsaicin for chronic pain: arthritis, neuropathic pain and post-herpetic neuralgia

Brands like Kailo set out to do something different than more traditional pain relief methods. They want to be an option that directly targets the source of pain and interrupts receptors, while some other products do things like mask the sensation of pain, relax muscles, or reduce pain-causing inflammation.

There are other pain relief patch products on the market you may already be familiar with. One of them is Salonpas, an adhesive patch product that has also brought relief to many users.

In this section of our Kailo review, well be taking a look at these two brands side-by-side, to assess their similarities and differences and give you a sense of where Kailo fits into the market.

Salonpas is a pain relief patch that uses a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug to bring you relief. Its two main ingredients are Menthol and Methyl Salicylate.

These ingredients provide a hot-cold effect sensation to distract and soothe, and deliver salicylic acid through the skin to reduce inflammation in the affected area. Salonpas has a small risk of causing stomach bleeding.

Kailo has no known side effects, but should not be used by those who are pregnant or have pacemakers. Additionally, the silicone on the adhesive may cause minor skin irritation.

Only one Salonpas patch can be used at a time, whereas you can use as many Kailo patches as you like.

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Postscript: Other Things I Missed:

  • Their promo youtube video at the start of the indiegogo campaign only has less than 20,000 views , but yet they have 9,835 backers? Something fishy here!
  • The coach in their kailo promo video is Bart Johnson, an actor.
  • Kailo tried to provide a more detailed explanation of how it works on facebook just as bogus, and I note that they mis-spelled anesthetic. They talk about healing, but as mentioned below, they admit that Kailo is certainly not any kind of cure.
  • Kailo was launched on Kickstarter, but for some undisclosed reason they have moved to indiegogo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kailo

The intriguing nature of the Kailo pain relief patch warrants many questions and possibly even concerns from users today. The following research about the effectiveness of Kailo patches are meant to help resolve the issue of not understanding how they work, and how to get the maximum results from these smart bio-antenna pain relief patches.

Will Kailo Patch Actually Work?

Using patented technology that is exclusive to Kailo, the patch helps to improve the signals in the body to reduce pain at the chemical level. Theres no battery to plug in since it reacts to the bodys natural electrical impulses to communicate effectively.

How long will the Kailo patches continue to work?

With consistent care, the durable patches will likely continue to provide years of support for the body. However, users only need to purchase one patch to get the relief. There was a very revealing report on RiverFrontTimes about using Kailo patches worthy of reading in regards to optimal effectiveness with the targeted pain relief devices.

How long can Kailo safely be worn?

Since it doesnt provide relief with any medications or other prescription-based substances, it can be worn throughout the day with no limits.

Is it safe to get Kailo wet?

Yes. The mechanism is protected with dielectric coating and a waterproof polyester substrate to ensure that no damage occurs if it becomes wet.

Can users try out a Kailo before they make a purchase?

Which side of the Kailo goes on the skin?


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