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Best Office Chair For Low Back Pain

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Gates Genuine Leather Aluminum Base High Back Executive Chair With High

Top 7 Best Office Chair For Back Pain In 2022

The Gates high back chair is covered in genuine Brazilian leather and the framework is a high polished aluminum. Its one of the best office chairs for back pain. The high-density foam and ergonomic design make this a great option.

The unique ergonomic synchro-tilt reclining mechanism adjusts both the seat back and the seat which helps you keep your feet on the floor when reclined.

The seatback reclines 90 to 120 degrees, and you can adjust the recline tension with a knob twist.

The well cushion seat has a waterfall edge, so your circulation isnt restricted.

The contemporary style with the high polished aluminum and Brazilian leather in black, brown, cream, dark gray or white look great in your office and theres even a matching guest chair available.

The seat height adjusts quickly with a gas lift mechanism.

The executive-style high back supports your shoulders and head.

The Gates Genuine Leather Aluminum Base High Back Executive Chair is great because of the beautiful leather cover and ergonomic design. The reclining feature is unique in that both the back and the seat move together. You can lock your chair back up to 120 degrees and rest your muscles or take a break.

How Do You Sit Well In An Office Chair

The most important thing when sitting on any chair is your posture. Here are some things to consider:

  • If you slouch too much, you will definitely develop or worsen your back problems.
  • You are allowed to have freedom in your sitting positions, but it is usually advised to have the height of your chair in a way that your feet are planted flat on the ground.
  • Some leg positions can decrease the blood flow to your feet.
  • Keep your upper back straight to reduce spinal pressure and your lower back slightly curved.
  • It is better to recline back than to lean forward because leaning forward will make you slouch.

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

This lower back pain desk chair has high-end luxurious leather bonded ergonomics chair which has built-in motion technology to increase flexibility and improve core strength. This is an eco-friendly office chair that you can get to relieve your back pain. The AIR lumbar support not only cradles your tailbone but also helps you maintain a good posture. This ergonomic low back chair can carry up to 400 lbs of weight and comes with a 1-year warranty. The entire structure is of steel and covered with faux leather. Also, you can adjust the height as per your requirement.

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Best Computer Chair For Back Pain: Steelcase Leap

The Leap provides a one-of-a-kind sitting experience, with a weightless sensation that virtually eliminates lower back pain from the moment you touch down. The chairs exceptional comfort comes courtesy of Steelcases LiveBack® technology, which flexes alongside your spine to encourage regular circulation. Its also the work of personalization features like Steelcases specialized lumbar tension system that you can adjust to meet the specific needs of your lower back.

Overall, the Steelcase Leap is one of my favorite chairs for computer work. The Leaps iconic design aligns perfectly with the typical keyboard and monitor height, and its 4D armrests work well in every office environment. Although quite pricey, users consistently praise Leaps ergonomic features for boosting office productivity and relieving pain.

  • Research indicates that the Leap improves productivity and performance
  • 4D armrests provide upper body support when working at the computer
  • Sustainable build quality, with over 90% recyclable materials
  • Fabric seat and back lack the breathability of mesh models
  • Optional headrest adds several hundred to final purchase price

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair Desk Chair High Back Mesh Computer Chair With Armrest And Adjustment Lumbar Support 300lb Black Size: 27 X 27 X 51

best office chair for lower back pain greencleandesigns.com lumbar support

Product Details

The M57 ergonomic office chair is an improved version of the M18 ergonomic office chair.The biggest change of the M57 is that the seat cushion uses a PE polyester mesh, so it is not only soft but also very breathable.

The improved 3D armrest can be moved up and down, front and back, and left and right, so that it can better meet the actual needs of users.M57 office chair can meet your various needs.

Assembled Product Dimensions 40.23 x 19.50 x 19.50 Inches

Reviews From Real Customers

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Our 10 Best Office Chairs For Short People Of 2021

  • Seat depth measures 16, and seat height starts at 15
  • PostureFit SL Pads adjust for personalized lumbar support, no matter your height
  • Pellicle mesh provides full-body support and breathability

Herman Millers Aeron is the best-selling office chair in the world now available in a super-small frame! While The Aeron lacks some higher-end adaptability like seat depth mechanics, everything just works right out of the box.

The Aeron measures 16 deep and 15 tall, making it suitable for users around the 5 mark. Meanwhile, the armrests sit around 16 apart, providing a compact sitting area ideal for smaller users. While 16 may seem constrictive, it actually feels quite roomy, Aerons elastic mesh fabric expanding ever-so-slightly as you move from task to task.

Whether you prefer to plant your feet flat on the floor or enjoy a gentle rocking motion that keeps your blood pumping, Herman Millers proprietary Harmonic Tilt technology supports every posture and sitting position. The Aeron is the ideal short-sized office, and its made in the USA from premium components, all backed by a 12-year warranty.


  • Made in the USA out of premium components
  • Harmonic Tilt system provides a lovely rocking motion and smooth recline
  • Adaptable armrests sit roughly 16 apart, providing a suitable framework for smaller users










The 13 Best Office Chairs

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Theres a good chance youve given more thought to the mattress you sleep on than the chair you sit on. Thats fine! Sleep is extremely important. But if you spend several hoursmore than eight, if youre meat your desk, its a good idea to give the humble chair more attention. Its not just about finding a comfortable seat: The right materials can whisk away body heat, and adjustability options can tailor the chair to your body. Weve spent the past two years sitting on nearly 30 office chairs, and these are our favorites.

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Best Ergonomic Knee Chair: Dragonn Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Courtesy of Amazon

  • 10 inches of height adjustability

  • Thick, soft cushions for joint comfort

  • Easy rolling casters for re-positioning

  • Takes some time to adjust to use

  • May not be a good fit for taller or heavyweight people

Ready to think outside the box? The DRAGONN by VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is fashioned with two 3-inch thick cushions to support your bottom and your knees as you literally kneel to sit at your desk. Instead of hunchingwhich many of us naturally doin an office chair, a kneeling chair basically forces you to maintain a better, healthier posture, similar to that of standing.

Many of the chairs features aresimilar to that of a regular chair, like an adjustable height, rolling wheels, and supportive cushioning, but VIVO reminds consumers that kneeling chairs utilize different muscles than traditional office chairs, so it will take time for your body to be comfortable using one. The brand recommends that you use the chair intermittently at first, training your muscles to sit this way, rather than attempting to use a kneeling chair for eight hours right out of the box.

Height: 21″ to 31″ | Weight Limit: 250 lbs. | Cushion Material: Mesh | Headrest: No | Adjustable: Yes

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair Offers Support To Keep Back Pain Away

9 Best Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain

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While it’s a common activity, sitting in chairs all day isnt doing us any good. The sitting position produces increased pressure on your discs and adds stress to the discs, says physical therapist Susan Eb, PT, MS, founder of Eby Physical Therapy, PLLC in New York City, and the more upright the position, the more the pressure. Luckily, there are office chairs specifically designed to tackle back pain.

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Best Office Chairs For Lower Back And Hip Pain 2022

Best office chairs for lower back and hip pain are the prime requirements of every other working professional. These professionals need to spend a major portion of their day in the chair. An office chair lacking in important ergonomics can severely harm their health. So, it must be competent and ergonomic enough to prevent them from lower back and hip pain. Most importantly, it must be designed to reduce pressure on the spine.

But what makes the chair enough competent? Some features are mandatory. Whereas, the lack of others doesnt make up a huge difference. For a simple citizen, its hard to approach the most competent product in the market without seeking help. Thats why we are here to help in this regard.


Know The Appropriate Measure

It is natural to slouch over the chair when your body begins to feel tired. However, this posture could overstretch your spinal ligaments. When this happens, your spinal discs and their surrounding structures could rapture leading to severe health complications. The solution to this is knowing the right elbow, thigh, calf, and armrest measure, as recommended by Science Direct. These measures are as explained below:

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Top 5 Office Chairs For Back Pain

  • Admiral by Realm of Thrones

  • Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

  • X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair

  • FelixKing Ergonomic Desk Chair

  • Lumbar support is a feature that is often found in office chairs. It helps maintain a neutral spineposition and prevent pain. Incorrect posture can lead to back pain even if lumbar support is available, so follow tips from this review on how to properly sit in your office chair.

    There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best type of chair for sitting long hours will vary depending on the individual. However, a goodoffice chair with lumbar support should be adjustable to meet your bodyshape and help maintain a neutral spineposition as you work through the day.

    Yes, goodoffice chairs can help alleviate back pain. A chair that is adjustable and has lumbar support can help you find a comfortable position. When choosing the best office chair for back pain, make sure to check whether it has enough adjustabilityoptions and additional features to help you maintain a proper bodyposition and ease the pressure on your spine.


    Devoko Office Desk Chair:

    Best Office Chair for Back Pain Reviews â Best Office Chair for Lower ...

    The brand brings so many ergonomic office chairs for lower back and hip pain. But we found this model excellent from all angles. It is versatile, durable, comfortable, and whatnot. A lot of positive reviews are also there as an assurance. So, to avoid regrets in the future, do give this best mesh office chair a bit of consideration.

    First of all, this is an ergonomic chair. so, itll definitely support your whole body. Its mid-back design is contoured according to the shape of your spine. As a result, you wont feel stressed out even after hours of sitting in it. Moreover, the back includes no padding but comprises mesh fabric. This fabric is wear-resistant and is breathable also. Thus, we claim this premium chair as the best option for long-term sitting.

    Now lets dive into the charisma of the soft seat. It features curved seat edge. It is stuffed with a thickened and high-density sponge. This foaming is soft, resilient, and comfortable. Furthermore, breathable mesh fabric is again used to cover the seat. This fabric excels in so many ways. It not only prevents the user from sweating. But is a friendlier option for people having sensitive skins.

    The base is designed to offer the utmost stability. It comprises a five-legged design with smooth-rolling casters. The wheels help in easy as well as noiseless rolling. Above all, the product holds a certification of BIFMA.

    Users Reviews

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    Office Chair: Buying Guide

    Buying an office chair is an important purchase. It impacts your health, productivity as well as forming a large part of the office aesthetic. They say you should always spend good money on things that separate you from the ground, be it shoes, a mattress, or in this case an office chair.

    Before you decide which office chair to spend your money on its a good ideal to learn about the main considerations, why theyre beneficial and how to best adjust them for your particular body type.

    Ergonomic Office Chair With Lumbar Support:

    Here you go with the most ergonomic office chair of the list. It is an amazing article of the TRIBESIGNS series. The feature which makes it the most attention-grabbing is its exclusive adjustability. To clarify, this desk chair for hip pain is adjustable in so many aspects. Besides, its backrest can tilt more in comparison to all the above recommendations. The uniqueness doesnt end here. but the product is superlative in so many ways. Lets learn what they are.

    The core structure comprises an amazing balance of nylon and metal. The backrest offers very good and adjustable lumbar support system. It moves up or down to comfy your lower back. Besides, its perfectly contoured according to the spine. Hence supports your upper and lower back in the best possible way.

    The breathable mesh and adjustable headrest is just woww. You can easily set its height and angle as per ease. Similarly, the height of the padded and curved armrests is also customizable. And obviously like above all, the seat height can be altered as well. So, you see the freedom to change different settings is just incredible.

    Not to forget! The seat is padded with a very durable, highly resilient native sponge. This cushion is furthermore covered with breathable elastic fabric. This material influentially dissipates heat. It is easy to clean and very comfortable to use.

    Users Reviews

    This is what users of this chair have to say,


    Users Reviews

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    High Back Office Chair For Back Pain By Kerdom

    This ergonomic office seat offers four support zones and the appropriate lumbar assistance. It is simple to modify to fit various purposes. The flexible luxury backrest and cushion of the KERDOM high-back ergonomic office chair are all made of mesh fabric. In contrast to conventional chairs, it prevents your spine and hips from perspiring and enables you to rest nicely for longer. The wheels have a 360° range of motion. Due to its softness and smoothness, it will protect your floor from disturbance and scratches. And it works with carpet, hardwood, and other sorts of floors.

    Best Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain In 2022

    5 Best Office Chair For Back Pain Comparison – Ergonomic Chairs

    Greg Knighton 16 Jun 2022 Buying Tips and Guides

    Finding the best office chair, that will help reduce lower back pain, is a quest for many office workers. While most office seating companies claim to have lumbar support, they almost always lack in this area.

    While you may find other lists on the internet, almost all of them will be built to push you into Amazon products. Its important to note that most, if not all of these websites, have never tried the chairs they promote. As someone who has sat in hundreds of chairs, I know there is no way you could ever know what chair is excellent or bad without sitting in each first hand.

    Chairs that offer better lower back support do exist, and today we will take a closer look at the ones we have found to provide the best lumbar support. I will show you chairs that are available at different price points so that no matter your budget is, you can start to work more comfortably.

    Need help? Get our Free Office Chair Buying Guide!

    Full Disclaimer: We are an office furniture dealer and sell some of the products we review. To learn more about the products we sell, our review process and why you can trust us, please visit: Why were different. Who is BTOD.com and The Breakroom Blog?

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    Best Executive: Inbox Zero Ergonomic Executive Chair

    Image Source / Wayfair

    Many executive office chairs arent supportive enough for people with back pain, but this option from Inbox Zero is an exception. Made of a breathable, antimicrobial mesh, the chair supports the whole body from the head to the neck, back, and lumbar areas.

    Just pull the lever to change the chair’s height from 15.7 to 19.7 inches. The seat easily adjusts even while sitting on it, and the padded arms and center-tilt are also adjustable. The seat swivels 360 degrees and has casters to help you smoothly roll throughout the office . Note that the chair has a 250-pound capacity.

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