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Best Massage Type For Lower Back Pain

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What Type Of Lower Back Pain Are You Experiencing

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Pain that is coming from muscles may be stiff and achy if you have had it for a while. Spasms of the muscles are very common as well. This is when you feel like you canât walk and some say, âThey have thrown out their backâ. This spams like discomfort can be very painful and can impact your walking, standing, and working ability.

Nerve pain is often related to disc herniations or sciatica. Nerve pain can feel burning, electrical and tingling. You can feel one of those or all of them! Some may also report numbness. This type of pain or discomfort is very noticeable and may require a detailed examination before you receive a massage. A physical therapist is well equipped to help you figure out what is causing your nerve pain and help you determine if a massage is good for you. While not an absolute no, massages may not be as effective for nerve pain compared to muscular pain.

In summary a massage can be very good and safe for lower back pain. Trigger point and medical massages can be very effective for treating pain. They can be comfortable and be the boost your body is looking for. The chance of a massage making your worse is low but does require really good communication and some understanding of what type of pain you are feeling.

What Type Of Massage Is Best For Lower Back Pain

While typical Swedish and deep tissue massages are good for relieving back pain, a particularly effective technique for low back pain is Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu massage applies pressure to different parts of the body in a rhythmic sequence.

While typical Swedish and deep tissue massages are good for relieving back pain, a particularly effective technique for low back pain is Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu massage applies pressure to different parts of the body in a rhythmic sequence. Mon – Sat 9 am – 9 pm Sun 10 am – 7 pm 24 hour cancellation policy Swedish massage is a simple, no-frills massage that involves long strokes and a few taps. The main purpose of Swedish massage is to relieve tension in the body, which is often responsible for low back pain.

Since Swedish massage is one of the most basic massage techniques and usually involves a moderate level of pressure, it is often recommended for people receiving massage therapy for the first time. Deep tissue massage uses many of the same techniques as Swedish massage, but with a much deeper level of pressure, as the name implies. It is mainly recommended for people who experience severe or chronic back pain as it penetrates deep into the muscles. While other modalities tend to focus on the whole body, trigger point therapy prioritizes a specific problem area.

Craniosacral therapy can be the next piece of the puzzle, it sounds like a very relaxing type of treatment. .


Common Types Of Massages

The following are the main types of massage therapy techniques:

1. Swedish massage

This is great for those who havent had much experience with massage. It involves a combination of tapping, deep, circular motions, and kneading strokes of the muscles, which may be more soothing for those who are more sensitive to pressure and pain. Given the relaxing nature of the treatment, most people with lower back pain can tolerate this type of treatment. However, each massage therapist varies in their approach.

2. Deep-tissue massage

Deep-tissue massage involves applying greater pressure to the muscles when compared to the Swedish massage. The increased pressure allows the therapist to target deeper muscles and soft tissue. Those with a higher tolerance to pain may prefer this type of treatment. However, there is also a higher chance of some temporary discomfort after treatment. Given the intensity of the treatment, patients have also anecdotally reported a quicker recovery.

3. Trigger point massage

This type of massage helps relieve pain by targeting trigger points in the body. These are specific areas where the muscles are particularly tight, which can lead to pain in the rest of the body. For example, tightness in the hamstring can sometimes lead to lower back pain and stiffness.

4. Shiatsu massage

5. Therapeutic massage

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How To Perform A Self

Although regular sessions with a qualified massage therapist are best, there are a variety of ways you can practice self-massage for lower back pain at home. Just as with massage by a trained therapist, let your comfort be your guide.

While self-massage might be a little uncomfortable, depending on the technique, it should not hurt so much that it leaves you sore or breathless. As you massage, take slow, deep breaths for even more release and relaxation.

Try these techniques between regular massage appointments.

Whats The Best Massage For Lower Back Pain

Pin on Massage Therapist

Question: Ive been having a dull ache in my lower back for the past couple of weeks. I went to a chiropractor, but he said theres no problems with my spine. I thought maybe it was related to the fact that I sit at a desk all day. Ive been reading a lot lately about standing desks, so I thought I would try one out, but that didnt really help the problem. If anything, it got worse. Is there a specific massage out there that could help me?

Answer:In recent years, the medical establishment has warmed to the use of massage therapy as effective treatment for chronic back pain. The treatment is non-invasive, and you can get a massage in the comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you. While getting a massage may not necessarily eliminate or cure your back pain, in most cases it wont make the problem worse and may even offer you significant relief.

Chronic low-back pain affects nearly 80 percent of all adults at some point in their lives. Most low-back pain is triggered by a specific injury or issue, and goes away in a few weeks without medical or therapeutic intervention. But if your pain persists, or gets worse, you may need further treatment to alleviate the problem.

Spine Health: Can Massage Help Your Back Problem? https://www.spine-health.com/wellness/massage-therapy/can-massage-help-your-back-problem

Ready to book your massage?

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How Can Massage Therapy Treat Your Chronic Pain

Lets explore the history of massage, the variety of massage techniques available, and most importantly, how massage can treat your chronic pain!

Ann-Marie Darcy-Sharpe& nbsp& nbspAuthorFebruary 21, 2020

Massage therapy plays a significant part in many pain management approaches. Massage is commonly used to treat a wide variety of health conditions and can provide some really positive results for chronic pain patients. Massage therapy is defined as, patterned and purposeful manipulation of soft-tissue for therapeutic purposes to prevent or reduce pain, spasm, tension or stress and to promote health and wellness,as this 2019 study explains.

Myofascial Pain Disorder Unexplained Muscular Tissue Discomfort And Tenderness

In some situations, its difficult to determine the reason of persistent back pain. If your doctor has actually tired all diagnostic options, its time to seek a 2nd point of view from a back discomfort specialist, suggests Nava.

If the resource of the pain is not recognized or cant be dealt with, your ideal alternative may be to deal with your doctor on reducing the flare-ups and making the discomfort convenient with nonsurgical treatments.

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How To Find A Massage Therapist For Back Pain

Getting the best massage for lower back pain starts with finding a qualified therapist. You can find a qualified massage therapist by:

  • Asking your doctor for a referral
  • Checking in with family and friends to see if they have a therapist they like
  • Visiting a massage therapy accrediting organization
  • Looking at online reviews

When youre ready to explore the best massage for lower back pain, a qualified pain specialist can help.

Find a pain specialist in Arizona or Texas by clicking the button below or look for one in your area by using the tips here: .

Naipo Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Massage Pillow With Heat

Glute Massage Techniques for Lower Back Pain Learn How To Give Massage

Wrap this back massager pillow around your lower back, and its 4 deep-kneading massaging nodes will offer instant results and heal your pain. This massager provides immediate relief and mimics the penetrating and gentle motions of a real therapists hand. The nodes help relax and soothe muscle tension. The best thing is that you can use the massager in your office, car or at home.


· It features 20-minute auto shut-off function as well as an overheat protection device for safe massage

· Easy to control and operate with a single button

· The massager will change the direction of kneading every minute automatically

· The pack comes with a car adapter and power adapter

· Quickly relieves stress, fatigue, and muscle tension while improving blood flow


· Not highly durable


The massage nodes on this massager can be heated for up to 112F, and thus, it doesnt create any burns or injuries. The massager improves blood flow and doesnt hurt the skin. Its unique design easily adjusts as per your body shape so you can enjoy a deep massage without feeling any discomfort.

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Government Study On Massage Therapy For Back Pain

A new government study suggests, that for short-term relief, massage therapy is better than medical treatment for relieving pain. The study consisted of 400 test subjects all of whom had chronic lower back pain. All subjects were placed in one of the three groups: structural message, relaxation message, or medical care. The test subjects in the massage groups were given hourlong massage treatments weekly for 10 weeks.After 10 weeks one-third of those in the massage group had improved, some of which no longer felt any pain at all. Those in the message group were also twice as likely to be up and active. As far as the long term was concerned after six months the massages were still attributed to improved function. However, after a year pain and function were almost equal in all three groups.

Theraflow Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

For an extendable power cord

This electric handheld massager comes with three attachments for shiatsu-style, acupoint, and scalp massage. It also has an extendable power cord.

People can choose from three intensity levels. The company says that this massager can deliver 2,2003,200 PPM and comes with a 1-year warranty.

The product costs around $39.99 on Amazon.

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Renpho Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager

  • Distinguishing features: This massager is similar in function to a massage gun, with the design of a handheld massager.
  • Target areas treated:anywhere
  • Safety: auto shut-off to avoid overheating
  • Usability and versatility: This device can be moved to different parts of the body, with numerous massage heads and speeds. The unit is cordless and rechargeable for portability.
  • Reviews: more than 54,000 reviews, with 69 percent 5 stars
  • Cons: Draping design could be challenging to treat smaller, hard-to-reach areas. Some reviewers have negative comments about product quality.

Relaxzen 3d Mesh And Pu Massage Lumbar Support Cushion With Heat

Back Pain, Sciatic Nerve (Sciatica) Relief through Massage ...

This lumbar support heating cushion is a powerful tool that offers relief from back pain and relaxes the muscles. The cushion provides vibration massage through its 2 powerful vibration motors. These motors feature 30-minute auto shut-off feature to prevent overheating or injuries. The high and low massage intensities are offered for a customized and enhanced experience.


· Features 2 powerful and high-intensity motors

· Offers high and low-intensity vibration massage for along with heat settings

· Offers firm lumbar support and massage

· Comes with a 30-minute auto shut off timer

· Breathable mesh and foam padding makes the cushion more comforting


· Retaining strap is not durable

· The heating level is not as good as vibration level


The cushion features a 3D mesh design with foam padding and PU leather cover that is skin-friendly and soft to touch. The cushion offers contoured support for any seating, and it also comes with AC and DC adaptors for using the device in a car, at home or office. The therapeutic movements of this cushion offer gentle warmth while the optional heating settings are provided for additional comfort.

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Best Type Of Massage For Lower Back Pain

If youâre suffering from back pain, then you may want to resolve it as quickly as possible, as it can be irritating and disruptive to your life.

Back pain is the number one reason for people claiming disability worldwide, so finding an effective treatment is important in getting you back on your feet.

If youâre considering massage therapy to help manage or relieve your back pain, then you first need to decide which type of massage will work best for you.

We took a look at the best type of massage for lower back pain, so keep reading to find out more.

What Are Some Usual Lower Neck And Back Pain Causes

The origin of lower back ache are often considered as being mechanical, all-natural or idiopathic. Often back problems are hereditary or obtained indicating the trouble establishes later on in life.

Mechanical lower neck and back pain is frequently brought on by spinal activity as well as also involves spine frameworks, such as the aspect joints, intervertebral discs, vertebral bodies , tendons, muscle mass or soft tissues.

Organic lower neck and back pain is credited to ailment, such as back cancer.

Idiopathic refers to an unidentified reason.

These are a few of points your doctor can attempt to rule or locate out when you organize a browse through for back discomfort.

Sprains and also stress and anxiety. Tendon strains in addition to muscular tissue or tendon strains are just one of one of the most common root causes of lower back discomfort. Theyre often related to overuse.

Degenerative disc condition. While the name appears anxious, it simply shows you have really a weakened disc creating discomfort.

In time, discs end up being thinner in addition to flatter because of damage. That leaves them much less able to sustain the vertebrae as well as even more probable to tear .

The safety covering on intervertebral discs can tear in time. The soft inner disc cells may push via the external layer when this happens. A disc that slides or extends misplaced is described as a herniated disc, protruding disc, or moved disc.

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How Massage Can Help Your Lower Back Pain

Massage for lower back pain is an easy and effective way to alleviate symptoms and promote full-body relaxation. Massage therapy is especially beneficial for back pain resulting from tense or strained muscles. Learn more about the benefits of back massage and discover specific tips and techniques for effective pain relief.

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What Is The Outlook

How to Massage the Lower Back for Pain Relief & Relaxation | No Talking

Most of us will have a bout of nonspecific low back pain at some point in our lives. The severity can vary. However, it is difficult to quote exact figures as to outlook . This is partly because it is so common and many people with back pain do not consult a doctor. Roughly, it is thought that:

  • Most nonspecific back pains ease and go quickly, usually within a few weeks.
  • In about 4 in 10 cases, the pain has completely gone within four weeks.
  • In about 7 in 10 cases the pain has completely gone within one year.

However, once the pain has eased or gone it is common to have further bouts of pain from time to time in the future. Also, it is common to have minor pains on and off for quite some time after an initial bad bout of pain. In a small number of cases the pain persists for several months or longer. This is called chronic back pain.

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Who Gets Back Pain

Anyone can have back pain however, several factors increase your risk. Risk factors increase your chance of developing back pain and can include:

  • Fitness level: Back pain is more common among people who are not physically fit. For example, weak back and stomach muscles may not properly support the spine. Back pain is also more likely if you exercise too strenuously after being inactive for a while.
  • Weight gain: A diet high in calories and fat, combined with an inactive lifestyle, can lead to obesity. This can put stress on the back.
  • Job-related risk factors: Jobs that require heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, or twisting can injure the back. A desk job may also play a role, especially if you have poor posture or sit all day in an uncomfortable chair.
  • Age: Back pain becomes more common with age, particularly after the age of 45.
  • Heredity: Genetics play a role in some disorders that cause back pain.

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Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager

  • Distinguishing features: This handheld percussion massager features a long handle so you can reach most areas. It can help reduce pain, tension, and stress. The massager is a good option for people who want a gentle massage that alleviates stiff, sore muscles.
  • Target areas treated: anywhere
  • Safety: you can control the intensity and remove it at any time
  • Usability and versatility: The massager reaches most areas. It comes with four attachment heads and a speed dial so you can adjust the intensity. It has a 9-foot power cord.
  • Reviews: more than 14,000 reviews, with 65 percent 5 stars
  • Cons: The device is too bulky, heavy, and noisy for some. Reviewers report that internal pieces of the device break easily, causing it to stop working.

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