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Arthritis Pain Relief For Dogs

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Treating Arthritis Pain In Dogs

Dogs Arthritis Pain Relief (3 Natural Steps to Treatment)

Reducing joint pain and inflammation tends to be the first line of response to treating a dog with arthritis. Fortunately, there are a number of different options that veterinarians can recommend as well as at-home care techniques that include maintaining your pet at a healthy weight, keeping them warm and comfortable and ensuring that they get enough gentle exercise.

Vetprofen Aka Carprofen For Treating Dog Arthritis Pros And Cons


  • Its a Prescription with Possible Bad Side Effects
  • Have to Wrap the Pill

Cost to Treat Dog Arthritis with Vetprofen/Carprofen: $12-20/Month

Vetprofen or Carprofen is through prescription only and thats a good thing. It is not right for all dogs and can aggravate current medical conditions. Never give your dog this product without your vets OK.

Its essentially a pain reliever given to dogs to alleviate pain or flare-ups of arthritis. This vetprofen really does work, I give it to my dog after extra long walks, while traveling and anytime he seems reluctant to get up.

What Are Common Pain Relief Medication For Dogs

Typically, your vet will prescribe an oral pain medication for a dog suffering from physical pain. There are several OTC medicines that can relieve mild signs of pain and discomfort. Some common ones include:


Chondroitin is a natural substance and helps prevent the breakdown of cartilage due to aging. Its super effective when paired with glucosamine.


As dogs grow old, the natural production of glucose and glutamine slows down. Glucosamine supplements combine glutamine and glucose and help lubricate the joints. It also encourages healthy cell growth and repair of damaged cartilage cells.


Methylsulfonylmethane is a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.


You need to be careful with aspirin, even though it is available without a prescription. Consult with your dogs vet first, and make sure you use only aspirin for dogs.

Other than OTC medicine, prescription medication for dog pain relief include:


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the most common prescription medication used to treat pain in canines. They work to reduce the production of prostaglandin. It is a chemical that can cause inflammation, fever, or pain and perform several vital functions in the body.

Naproxen and ibuprofen are two common NSAIDs. One determines their doses according to the weight and age of your dog. Other common NSAIDs include Firocoxib, Meloxicam, Deracoxib, and Grapiprant.

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Relieving Arthritis Pain In Dogs: Why A Multimodal Approach Is Critical For Your Arthritic Dog

I like to explain multi-modal as taking a 1 + 1 + 1 equals 5 approach. In other words, by using a combination of therapies for canine arthritis, you can supercharge the outcome through a collective effect. Its harnessing the power of synergism.

In our culture, the knee-jerk reaction for treating a painful condition such as arthritisalso known as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease is taking medication to alleviate discomfort. And while medication is absolutely an important part of relieving arthritis pain in dogs, there are so many more options that can help dogs feel and move better.

Since arthritis in dogs is not a curable condition, a flexible approach that incorporates medications, supplements, exercise, diet and weight management, and alternative medicine is optimal. Ultimately, the goal is excellent quality of life and good mobility with minimal pain for your dog.

As promised in Part I of our series on signs of arthritis in dogs, Im following up with the heart of the messagehow to relieve arthritis pain in dogs. Id recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and propping up your feet for this thorough overview.

Physical Therapy Options To Treat Arthritis In Dogs

ActivFlex, Best Glucosamine for Dogs, Safe Arthritis Pain Relief, All ...

Physical therapy is an umbrella term that includes an array of treatment options, from a simple massage to novel laser therapy. Here is a short review of some physical therapy options for arthritis in dogs treatment.

Massage. Body massage uses the power of touch to induce healing in the body. Massage helps with arthritis by increasing blood flow to the affected joints. Increased blood flow results in an influx of healing compounds and nutrients which can promote joint health.

You can massage your dog yourself but advice from a professional is highly recommended. There are different techniques, and it is helpful to know which one is best as part of your pets arthritis in dogs treatment.

Hydrotherapy. This is a form of physical rehabilitation that is performed underwater. The water provides higher resistance than air which helps build strength and resilience in the limbs.

In some cases, equipment like an underwater treadmill is used to improve a dogs mobility and range of motion. Hydrotherapy can be combined with pharmaceuticals as well as with alternative treatments.

Acupuncture. Acupuncture is a form of therapy where fine needles are pricked into the skin at specific points to promote healing in the body. The therapy has been practiced on humans for thousands of years but also shows great promise for dog health.

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Arthritis And Chronic Pain

Recent studies have focused on the chronic pain suffered by arthritic dogs, and have resulted in changes in the way we are treating these pets.A new tablet medication will make optimal treatment easier.

Osteoarthritis affects one in every five adult dogs, and is the most common cause of chronic pain that veterinarians treat.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative, progressive and irreversible disease process of the Synovial joints. Loss of cartilage from the joint surfaces, and extra bone and fibrosis formed around the joint, result in pain, lameness and loss of joint movement.

Current medications focus on slowing down the loss of joint cartilage and/or stimulating repair. However, recent research has focused on the important role of pain relief in arthritis.

Canine Arthritis Home Assessment Tool

The website, Canine Arthritis Management, is a top-notch, extensive resource developed by a veterinary surgeon. Its mission is to help practitioners and pet owners treat dogs with arthritic pain. It approaches the multi-modal management strategy using an excellent pyramid-based outline. Additionally, you will find tools to help you assess your dog at home.

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Cost To Treat A Dogs Arthritis With Cbd

A good quality CBD Oil will cost around $100 per bottle and the bottle might last you 2 months or 1 year depending on the size of your dog.

A good quality CBD pill will cost around $30-60 per bottle and that might last 2-6 months.

A bag of quality CBD dog treats costs around $25-30 and might last 1-2 months.

What Ingredients To Look For In An Anxiety

Arthritis in Dogs and Tips for Joint Pain Relief with Dr. Ayeley Okine

It can be confusing to know what to give your dog to help alleviate their anxiety, and to helpprevent it. We recommend choosing natural supplements with the following evidence-basedingredients:

  • Chamomile Flower Powder
  • To calm an anxious stomach and alleviate nausea.
  • Passion Flower PowderTo help reduce anxiety and bring a feeling of ease.

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Benefits Of Using Fda

A main benefit of an FDA-approved nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug for dogs or cats is that it has been shown to be safe and effective in that species when used according to the label. NSAIDs for people or unapproved NSAIDs for animals dont have the same assurances of safety and effectiveness in pets and could be harmful.

A second main benefit is that the label for an FDA-approved NSAID for dogs or cats is written specifically for that species. The label includes all the information veterinarians need to use the drug safely and effectively in that species.

Cbd Oil To Treat Arthritis In Dogs

A treatment option that has gained popularity in recent years is using CBD oil to treat arthritis in dogs. In short, CBD is a compound found in cannabis and hemp that some dog owners, as well as humans, find effective in treating a variety of conditions. Some anecdotal reports suggest that CBD oil can help dogs with arthritis pain. However, Dr. Klein reminds us that currently there is no scientific data on the use or benefits of CBD.

Additionally, limited regulation of CBD oil makes it difficult for veterinarians to sign off on its use since there is no way of predicting purity, concentration, efficacy, potential benefits, or side effects. While the unknowns surrounding CBD will change with more research , at this time, there is no scientific evidence to support the use of CBD oil for canine arthritis or any other ailments. If youre considering CBD oil as a treatment, make sure to speak to your veterinarian first.

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Natural Pain Relief For Arthritis In Dogs

Joint supplements are often considered a natural way to control pain, but other modalities are also used as well, including Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine . Herbs that are helpful for arthritis pain include turmeric, reishi mushroom and the Boswellia. It is important to talk to a holistic veterinarian that practices TCVM before giving your dog herbs. They are certainly natural, but they have potent pharmaceutical properties.

In TCVM, acupuncture controls pain by restoring balance along the bodys meridians.

How Adequan Shots Are Administered For Dog Arthritis

Senior Advanced Glucosamine for Dogs

There are 2 ways of administering Adequan. You can go to the vets office twice a week for 4 weeks or you can give the injections at home.

I have experience with wildlife rehab and am not squeamish when it comes to giving injections. However, if its going to cause you or your dog stress, or you dont know how, then vet trips are the way to go.

I saw a marked improvement in my dogs buoyancy on our walks. His pep was back in his step after the 3rd injection. Talk to your vet and find out if your dog is a good candidate for Adequan.

If your dog is a good candidate and youre going to do at home injections, ask your vet to write the prescription so you shop around for the best price.

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Natural Dog Pain Relievers

Some common natural pain relievers for dogs are:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the most common prescription medication used to treat pain in canines. They work to reduce the production of prostaglandin. It is a chemical that can cause inflammation, fever, or pain and perform several vital functions in the body.
  • Naproxen and ibuprofen are two common NSAIDs. One determines their doses according to the weight and age of your dog. Other common NSAIDs include Firocoxib, Meloxicam, Deracoxib, and Grapiprant.

Prescription Arthritis & Pain Relief Medicine For Dogs

Pain meds can ease your dogs aches and troubles and allow him to live a happier, pain-free life. Chewy carries a wide selection of pain medicine for dogs, including medication for chronic conditions, anti-inflammatory joint pain relief for arthritis, and safe pain meds for dogs with asthma, skin conditions, IBD and more. Pain medicines come in various forms, including tablets, chewables, capsules, liquids, powder, injectables and solutions.

Talk to your vet about pain relief for dogs with age-related issues like arthritis and disease. Your vet can recommend the right prescription medication to help your pup live pain-free and stay as active as possible. Many pain relief medications offer anti-inflammatory benefits that can help with chronic conditions like cancer, arthritis, eczema and IBD. Others may be the safest choice for dogs with disorders like kidney disease and allergies.

Some pain medicines are best for temporary pain relief for dogs just out of surgery or suffering a recent injury. Your vet can advise you on these and prescribe the proper dose and duration of use for your dog. Younger dogs may benefit from relief post-injury or after a surgery, but only your vet can decide if pain meds are a safe and effective choice for your puppy.

Frequently Asked Questions aboutPrescription Arthritis & Pain Relief Medicine for Dogs

What can I give my dog for joint pain or arthritis pain?
Do dogs need pain meds after being spayed or neutered?

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Diet And Supplements To Treat Arthritis In Dogs

Your dogs diet is always of the utmost importance and even more so if your dog has arthritis. Dr. Klein says, weight management is prime, for arthritic dogs. Excessive weight causes extra strain on your dogs body and joints. Although exercise may be difficult, especially if the arthritis is severe, you can work with your veterinarian to find appropriate activities. Additionally, you can pay close attention to his diet.

Make sure you have the right food for your dog and that it meets his nutritional needs. Prescription foods sold by veterinarians might be particularly useful in helping your dogs arthritis. These foods often contain natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, or Omega fatty acids.

Furthermore, you might want to consider a food containing glucosamine or giving glucosamine or chondroitin as supplements. These sulfates are the building blocks of healthy cartilage and appear to stimulate the body to make more cartilage. Dr. Klein says that studies on glucosamine and chondroitin are conflicting. However, some demonstrate a beneficial effect on arthritis pain.

Is This Treatment Safe

Dog arthritis treatment home remedy | All natural pain relief for dogs | Adrian

LiteCure Medical lasers are cleared by the FDA and adhere to strict ISO standards in order to provide you with the safest non-invasive treatment option on the market. Laser therapy provides you with a safe and effective alternative to drugs and surgery.

Most patients see results within 3 to 5 short treatments. LiteCure Medical lasers work by flooding the tissue with photons, which energizes cells, resulting in increased circulation to the injured area and ultimately pain reduction.

Laser therapy allows your body to utilize its own healing powers by inducing a series of healing responses in your body. During treatment you will feel a soothing warmth that identifies the beginning of an 18-24 hour process of modulated cellular activity leading to decreased pain and inflammation.

San Ramon

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What Home Remedy Can I Give My Dog For Arthritis Final Thoughts

Getting old is not for the faint of heart. It comes with new challenges, seemingly on a daily basis. Arthritis is just one more challenge, but there is help for you and your dog.

The natural remedies above can decrease your dogs pain and promote natural healing without the side effects that many prescription medications have. Who knows, you might even pick up a few tips for reducing arthritis pain from your dog!!

Low Level Laser Therapy For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Does low level laser therapy work for treating rheumatoid arthritis?Six studies of medium quality were reviewed and provide the best evidence we have today. Collectively, these studies tested over 220 people with rheumatoid arthritis. The studies compared how well people did while receiving either laser therapy or a placebo laser therapy. Laser therapy was given mostly on the hands and generally for two to three times a week for four weeks. There were also many different wavelengths and dosages given.

What is rheumatoid arthritis and low level laser therapy?Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease in which the bodys immune system attacks its own healthy tissues. The attack happens mostly in the joints of the hands and feet and causes redness, pain, swelling and heat around the joints. Drug and non-drug treatments are used to relieve pain and/or swelling. Low level laser therapy, is a non-drug treatment used to decrease swelling and pain. Without producing heat, the laser emits very pure light that causes light and chemical reactions in cells where it is targeted. What did the studies show?Studies showed that laser therapy decreased pain and morning stiffness more than placebo laser therapy. Laser therapy also increased hand flexibility more than placebo therapy.Pain decreased by 1.10 points on a scale of 1-10. The length of time for morning stiffness decreased by 28 minutes.

Were there any side effects?No side effects were reported in the studies.

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Laser Therapy For Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a common condition that affects many people each year, causing discomfort and even a limited range of motion. Traditionally, chronic back pain is often treated with invasive procedures or even spinal surgery. With continuing advancements in technology, laser therapy has become an effective and non-invasive chronic back pain treatment alternative.

Utilizing state-of-the-art laser technology, low-level laser treatments for chronic back pain can improve uncomfortable symptoms and restore a proper range of motion. One of the best benefits of laser therapy for chronic back pain is that its non-invasive, meaning patients often have a significantly shorter recovery time than patients who undergo traditional treatments or surgery.

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What Is The Best Treatment For Arthritis In Dogs

Joint Supplement For Dogs Advanced Arthritis Pain Relief And Anti ...

There is no single best arthritis in dogs treatment. This is because every dog is different and will therefore require a unique treatment regimen for the best results.

Some dogs may suffer from occasional pain and may therefore find the occasional painkiller sufficient. On the other hand, arthritis can make life very difficult for other dogs. Such dogs would require more sophisticated treatment regimens that may involve surgery.

Different arthritis in dogs treatment options include home remedies like supplements, CBD oil, exercise, and diet and more advanced solutions like pain medication and surgery. In most cases, the best treatment for a dog will be a multimodal approach, in other words, a combination of two or more types of treatment.

No treatment regimen is the best for all dogs. The key to successful arthritis management is to work with your vet to design a personalized treatment plan for your dog based on clinical signs and the results from blood tests and radiographs.

  • Provides nutritional support to help maintain a healthy immune system and heart function
  • Supports skin & coat health and maintains your pups joint function.
  • Helps maintain optimal joint nutrition and digestion
  • Has a desirable salmon flavor
  • Made using high-quality ingredients from the US and prime locations worldwide

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